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Reasons Why It’s Great To Be A Woman

1. Working / Earning not mandatory.

2. We never have to buy our own drinks at the bar.

3. We don’t have to bother on mobile bills.

4. We get out of speeding tickets by crying. Continue reading

Janda Kesepian


If son treat by father


Funny Video – Where is the Chips?


Daftar Obat-obatan


Common Cold

What is the common cold?

The common cold is a viral infection that affects the upper airways including the nose, voice box, throat, windpipes and the lungs. There are more than two hundred viruses that can cause colds and are commonly known as rhinoviruses or the nose viruses. These viruses cause inflammation or swelling of the mucous membrane lining the airways. The symptoms of common cold include sneezing, a scratchy throat, a stuffy nose, coughing, etc. Continue reading

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